Eligibility of Membership

1. Age not less than 18 years.
2. Should be an Indian Resident or OCI or NRI 
3. Pledge to follow the rules and regulations of the Association.
4. Should be a Primary DNB or Post Diploma DNB or DNB SS doctor/ resident.
5. Honorary members can be exceptional to above rules, but must be nominated after minimum ⅔ governing body members agree to his/her name. 
6. The person should not be punished by any court of law in India for a term more than or equal to 3 years.

Termination of Membership

1. On death of the member.
2. Leaving DNB course at any time after joining.
3. On resignation of member and its acceptance.
4. On non payment of Membership fees.
5. Unsound mind of member.
6. Governing body by majority of 2⁄3 can terminate the membership or can punish any member who goes against the rules of the association or harms the association in any form.
7. If there is any pending police investigation against an existing member and his membership poses a threat to the association, his membership may be terminated by the governing body

Membership fees

Life time members are those eligible person who pays lifetime membership fees as decided by Governing Body from time to time. Presently Life membership fees is 2500 INR.
1. By paying membership fees you agree to the terms of eligibility and termination of membership.
2. Read objectives of the association before paying membership fees at: http://associationdnbdoctors.com/?page_id=26
3. Membership fees is non refundable.
4. Membership is subject to payment of fees and verification of details by ADD.
5. Lifetime membership e-certificate with registration number will be sent to the registered email id of lifetime member in 1-2 months time.
5. Mere participation in a discussion or being part of Whatsapp/Telegram/Facebook group doesn’t entitle one to becoming a Life member of ADD.

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